From Pocket Folder to Music Stand in Seconds!

Advantages of Standyman

  • • The folder is the music stand – you no longer need to have a separate music stand to hold your sheet music upright

    • Stands on any flat surface (floor, desk, table, chair, etc.)

    • No more playing your music with your body in a hunched over position with your sheet music lying on a flat surface –
      now you can play your instrument with correct posture

    • Less expensive than other music stands that can cost $20.00 or more

    • No more dealing with the everyday hassle of putting together and taking apart your music stand

    • No more carrying around heavy and awkward-to-carry music stands

    • No more worrying about forgetting to bring your music stand for practice

    • Faster to put together and take apart than other music stands

    • Looks and works just like an ordinary pocket folder

    • Its three pockets hold more sheets than ordinary two pocket folders

    • Can hold your iPad and/or iPhone in an upright position for easy reading

    • Its three panels provide better privacy when standing upright than ordinary two panel pocket folders

Standyman with Black Cover and White Interior


All-White Standyman (This version, which appears on the video and slideshow, is not available for purchase. It is used for demonstration purposes only.)



I am a band/orchestra director. Can I get a discounted price if I purchase a Standyman folder for all of my students?

Yes! Let us know how many Standyman folders you want to purchase and we will give a quote.